Adam Robert Thomas

A writer looking to find truth, one story at a time.


About Adam

Adam R. Thomas is trained journalist trying to report on the happenings people want to know about. He’s always working on his skills as a writer, editor, and videographer in order to deliver people news with as little bias and as much context as possible. Unless of course he’s writing an op-ed, in which he is very opinionated.



An avid fan of history and philosophy, particularly of the Stoics, Adam holds to an older code of journalistic ethics, trying to remain as neutral as possible in terms of tone and viewpoint. He’s not the center of any story, the subjects of the story are. At the same time, he isn’t interested in only delivering a story that only scratches the surface of any particular issue, and will always strive to bring more depth to any story as possible, with as much artfulness as needed to make it impactful.

He has a particular passion for stories related to crime and law enforcement and public transportation, as well as discovering unique and lesser known sub-cultural trends that run beneath the surface of his home city of Los Angeles.


““ I begin to speak only when I’m certain what I’ll say isn’t better left unsaid.”



Work History

Adam has written for a number of different publications already, and would like to add yours to his portfolio!

Previously his work has appeared in The California Literary Review,, and as a freelance writer and at his college publications of The Corsair at Santa Monica College and The Daily 49er at California State University, Long Beach as a staff writer and editor. He has also interned at Random Lengths News in San Pedro, California.

In addition to written articles, he has also shot, edited, and directed a number of multimedia projects and videos for his college publications.

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