Stoicism for Students

The modern world is hectic, crazy, and filled with too many distractions, too much stress, and too much . . . everything.

But it has never been different. Throughout history mankind has always had to deal with tumult, conflict, irrationality and every other vice and virtue we humans can make up on any given day.

I find that often, it can be useful to try and glean useful information on how to deal with the modern day world of social media scandal and outrage by turning to the quotations of the Stoics.

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Adam R Thomas
The #1 News Tip

It seems everyone today hates the news.

Whether they’re bemoaning the “other side” pushing their agenda, or worried about “fake news” running rampant or just getting angry at news sites that seem more interested in generating controversial clickbait headlines than delving into the nuance that makes a story not only fair, but worth reading, people are pissed at journalists and reporters at least as much as they are politicians.

This is neither a new turn of events, nor surprising.

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