Adam Robert Thomas

Selected Portfolio


Random Lengths News

Internship - Spring, 2019

Over the course of the Spring of 2019, Adam interned at Random Lengths News, a biweekly independent newspaper in San Pedro, California. The following are a selection of the stories he reported during this period.

A Look Inside the South Bay’s Indy Wrestling Pioneers at PCW ULTRA

A Stabbing in San Pedro

‘Largest Ever’ Meth Bust at POLA Linked to Mexican Cartels, Australian Biker Gangs

Downward Grog + Party Goats LA = Goat Yoga Bliss at Brouwerji West

 The Daily 49er

Staff, Contributing Writer - 2017-2018

Pursuing his Journalism degree at California State University Long Beach, Adam wrote for the Daily 49er, the school’s not-quite-daily publication at the time. Unfortunately, a website redesign has caused many bylines to revert to the news editor at the time, Kat Schuster, but the following stories were by Adam.

The BeachSync platform is rarely used by clubs at CSULB

Grand Theft Marsupial

President Conoley addresses “Sanctuary Campus” demands after protest

The hidden world of CSULB’s shrinking cat colonies

Thousands protest “Muslim Ban” at LAX

Crime Blotter, The Daily 49er

One of the primary roles Adam had at The Daily 49er was writing the crime blotter during his time there, interfacing with the Campus police department on a regular basis. The following are just a few crime blotter stories by Adam.

Crime Blotter - Swastika engraved in Kevin Hart sign

Crime Blotter - Mirrors smashed, Muslims threatened in bathroom

Crime Blotter - Parking structure elevator tagged

The Corsair

Staff Writer, multimedia Editor, news editor - 2015-2016

While attending Santa Monica College for his Associate’s Degree in Journalism, Adam also worked on the school paper there, The Corsair. During this time he quickly rose up the ranks to become first the multimedia editor, and in the spring of 2016 during the height of election season, the News Editor. Unfortunately, a later website redesign has caused many of the headline photos to not appear.

“We were ignored”: Associated Students pursue $10,000 worth of missing Nutcracker tickets

Trump’s first Southland rally makes Americans fight again

AS sets spending record in final meeting of semester

Oncoming train: Expo Line opens today

Cameras, Cops curb campus crime

Jeffery the referee: Talking to SMC’s new president

Ready to bounce back: Looking at SMC’s perennial Ping-Pong program


Selected Multimedia Work


Multimedia Selections

Various publications, classes 2015-2019

Over the course of pursuing his journalism degree, Adam has made a number of different videos, podcasts, audio stories and more. Primarily for classes at CSULB and SMC, these projects represent just a portion of his ever growing skills at editing, audio engineering, and videography.

Audio Projects

Super Science Squad Image.png

The Super Science Squad Super Show Podcast

Working with Britny Coker-Moen, Erick Garcia, and Oscar Carranza, Adam wrote, engineered hosted and edited different episodes of a short, science based podcast for Christopher Knapp’s Multimedia class in 2018.

The whole series can be listened to at Soundcloud.

Additionally, a sample episode is provided below.

Audio Projects from Spring 2018

The following projects were both done in the Spring of 2018 for different journalism classes. The first is a report on then recent political events happening in around the CSULB campus and LA County, and the second is a roundtable discussion that aired on CSULB’s radio station, KBEACH, also known as 22 West Media.

Video Projects

Over the years, Adam has shot, edited, and produced several different video projects for his school publications. These are just some of them.



Throughout the years at different publications, Adam has also taken lots of photographs for various stories. The following were for a multimedia series on the Southern California Fighting Game Community originally featured in a blog called “The Quarter Circle Quarterly.”