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About Adam

Born in San Pedro, California and raised in the greater Southern California region, Adam R. Thomas began studying Journalism at Santa Monica college in 2015.

He quickly dedicated himself to the cause of becoming a well trained, no-nonsense reporter in an era where it seems most everyone has decided that nonsense is the job description.

By the end of the year, he was on the school’s weekly paper, The Corsair. By the next Spring semester, he was the News section editor, the heart of any publication as any Editor in Chief will tell you.

He is still completing his education, now at Cal State University Long Beach, where he has been a staff writer for the school’s daily publication, The Daily 49er.

Throughout this journey, he’s learned how to write far more quickly and with purpose, how to shoot and edit video, the art of the interview, and effective team management. He’s also had a lot of fun exposing his fellow students to the happenings, intrigues, and secrets he’s delivered in the many stories he has written, and hopes to keep doing so as he moves forward onto bigger and better things to come.